The future...

We aim to improve costumer experience, satisfaction and loyalty by researching and developing solutions to improve telecom products and systems. We work with large global carriers to identify their needs, and design creative experiments to test hardware and software performance under various conditions similar to those found in our clients’ networks.

We have established a sophisticated lab consisting of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) capabilities, Network Service Orchestrator (NSO) environment and applications, Ethernet, and optical transport, in order to replicate situations and test bugs, hardware, and software versions before deploying the devices in our clients’ live network. We are currently involved in replicating situations and running scalability tests specific to large carriers’ network needs. We conduct a wide range of research and development activities related to various network elements through their northbound interface, in order to help large carriers seamlessly blend new elements with existing network management platforms.

We are committed to researching and developing global vendors’ hardware and software products and services, in order to help them meet their global clients’ unique needs and network requirements. We aim to expand our R&D Program and offer solutions for other large carriers around the globe, helping them adapt to their emerging market trends.



We take great pride in our work, and we do what we do in order to push our clients’ businesses forward.

Quality is our totem, it is our guarantee, and we firmly believe that only by providing quality services, we can successfully and consistently grow together with our clients.