Executive Team

  • Kujtim Tali
    Kujtim Tali
    Managing Partner/Chairman of the Board

    As one of the founders of 3CIS, Kujtim brings more than twenty years of experience working with major players in telecom industry such as Juniper, Cisco, Tellabs and ATT. He played one of the lead roles in establishing of one of the most successful companies in SE Europe...

  • Thomas Clifford
    Thomas Clifford
    Executive VP - Sales and Services

    Prior to assuming these roles with 3CIS, Thomas was Tellabs Director of Sales and Services Packet Core Emea Senior Executive with over 25 years experience in Telecommunications. Strong leader and team player, motivational skills to build and sustain forward growth momentum while motivating peak individual performance from team members.

  • Gëzim Pula
    Gëzim Pula
    Managing Partner/Board Member

    Gëzim came to 3CIS as one of the country’s leading Specialists in the Telecom industry. The trail of success during years of work with the government of Kosova, (Ministry of Energy and Mining, Ministry of Transport and Communications) as well as international organizations (UNMIK, OSCE) and as the Director of Post and Telecom of Kosovo has earned him highly regarded reputation and respect.

  • Artir Geci
    Artir Geci
    Managing Partner/Director of Engineering

    As Director of Engineering, Artir Geci oversees day to day engineering operations, works closely with engineering teams in architecture development, training and overall technology roadmap bringing to 3CIS a background of over ten years of experience in wireline and wireless architectures.

  • Fitim Haziri
    Fitim Haziri
    Chief Financial Officer

    Fitim came to 3CIS with a rm education and work experience with the country’s government and one of the major insurance companies. Presently he is in the process of being certied by Society of Chartered Accountants and Auditors of Kosova as an “Accountant and Auditor of Kosovo”, holds Bachelors in Banking and Finances, Master’s Degree in Economics at University of Prishtina.

  • Yll Daci
    Yll Daci
    Director of Operations

    Yll was appointed by 3CIS as the Executive Director of Operations due to his exceptional managerial skills as well as his broad knowledge of the Telecom networks and its equipment vendors as well as professional consulting services.

  • Dukagjin Kurteshi
    Dukagjin Kurteshi
    Human Resource Director

    Dukagjin is the director of department Human Resources of 3CIS. He is in charge of administrative duties, logistics and recruitment of the resources as well other daily business operational duties, ensuring awless functioning of the company.

  • Burbuqe Hashimi
    Burbuqe Hashimi
    Quality and Metrics Director

    Burbuqe has been appointed as Director of Quality and Metrics, as a part of the management she is liable for the growth and profitability of the company. She ensures that proper measurements have been undertaken regarding the quality of projects delivery.


We take great pride in our work, and we do what we do in order to push our clients’ businesses forward.

Quality is our totem, it is our guarantee, and we firmly believe that only by providing quality services, we can successfully and consistently grow together with our clients.