Executive Team

Burbuqe Hashimi - Quality and Metrics Director 

Burbuqe has been appointed as Director of Quality and Metrics, as a part of the management she is liable for the growth and profitability of the company. She ensures that proper measurements have been undertaken regarding the quality of projects delivery; all procedures are in place within all business units. Her responsibilities cover also the constant improvements of techniques to support, develop, and maintain service optimization; ensures that proper measurements has been undertake in regard of staff evaluation.

Works closely with HR and Finance to maintain day to day business..

Burbuqe, has long experience in the banking sector, experienced in corporate business analysis, covering planning, implementing as well developing the sales strategy for the various commercial banks, with the 27 years of work experience most of it in the banking sector. During this period she has been part of many professional bodies within the financial sector. She is experienced and licensed coach, covering business development, retail and business service quality.

For the few years she was part of international organizations within Kosovo. She studied at university of Prishtina, graduated in Economics. During following years of her experience she has obtained various professional qualifications. Burbuqe joined 3CIS on 2013.


We take great pride in our work, and we do what we do in order to push our clients’ businesses forward.

Quality is our totem, it is our guarantee, and we firmly believe that only by providing quality services, we can successfully and consistently grow together with our clients.