Helping clients make informed decisions everyday

The Operational Support Systems’ (OSS) Team aids large carriers around the globe in building a detailed network database to provide them with fast access to crucial data needed for making informed strategic and tactical decisions.

We are a meticulous group of professionals with an unwavering attention to detail, always striving to make our clients’ operations less tedious and more effective. By loading data into the Granit Inventory application, we enable large carriers to obtain a bird’s eye view of their networks, as well as a detailed picture of all network components and the manner in which they are connected.

Thanks to our accumulated knowledge and experience, we are well-positioned to support large carriers around the globe who need to document their network components in Granit or any other OSS application of their choosing.



We take great pride in our work, and we do what we do in order to push our clients’ businesses forward.

Quality is our totem, it is our guarantee, and we firmly believe that only by providing quality services, we can successfully and consistently grow together with our clients.